About the Community Projects category

The Community Projects category is a place where we can all work together, and support each other towards equitable access to biotechnology.

Feel free to take part in existing projects and/or suggest new projects of interest that you’d like to start or contribute to!
If you have ideas for projects, let the Reclone Coordination Team and/or @YKH know and we can help set up a special interest or working group to build on these ideas.

Generally, we consider a:

  • Special Interest Group (SIG) as a way to bring together individuals who want to explore a particular area together (e.g. for a specifc topic/domain, or for sharing regular updates about a given subject). There does not necessarily need to be any defined outputs from such a SIG.
    A SIG may have regular meetings and/or ongoing (asynchronous) conversations, but is otherwise relatively free-form (i.e. following the interest of the group).
    The Community Projects category is a space specifically designed for you to have these ongoing conversations. - Working Group (WG) is usually for making progress towards a specific material output, activity, or goal. WGs will likely have a defined scope, with clear intended outputs, and the work will take place over a set period of time. The scope, may be refined, limited, or extended, or closed, depending how the project progresses.

[These definitions are broadly based on the CSCCE Guideslines found here.]

Please use the #special-interest-groups or #working-groups tags when sharing a new topic.
If necessary, separate sub-categories can be made for your SIG or WG - just let @YKH know!