Category Topics


This is the central discussion hub for and the place for any topics that don’t fit in other categories!


You can find out about, and share with the community, any upcoming events that are of interest. This can be from community meetings, to webinars, conferences, symposia, and/or any other convening event.

Community Projects

The Community Projects category is a place where we can all work together, and support each other towards equitable access to biotechnology.

Open DNA Collections

Find out more about the Open DNA Collections that Reclone now stewards, including: the Research in Diagnostics Collection, the Open Enzyme Collection, the Open Reporter Collections, Engineered RT-LAMP Enzymes, the E. coli Protein Expression Toolkit, and the Open Yeast Collection.

Regional Groups

Here you can find discussions relevant to different world regions. We also have more granular groups within each subcategory for discussing national initiatives.


Share any opportunities for funding, training, and personal professional development here. This could be grants, foundation funding, competitive prizes, fellowships, training workshops, and/or job postings relating to open science wetware, reagent sharing, biotechnology. etc.