About the Enzyme Expression Protocols category

Scientists around the world are facing shortages with reagents to perform research and molecular diagnostics.

They’re seeking ways to produce these vital enzymes in-house – but it’s hard.

The successful production of a recombinant enzyme requires many factors to be tailored to each protein, and adjusted to the resources and materials available in each laboratory. To speed up this process (and the global response to COVID-19) we have pooled a selection of successful overexpression conditions all in one location.

Help us to crowd-source an easy-to-use expression guide and generate an open resource available to all!

We have created a ReClone group in protocols.io for sharing, editing and improve expression and purification protocols. Please share your protocols there so other members can run and comment them!

All contributors will be acknowledged and the content will be available to all under a CC0 Public Domain Dedication.