About the Open Bioreactor Community [SIG 001] category

The Open Bioreactor Community is a SIG that is a collaborative effort between the Reclone and GOSH communities. The aim is to create a space for those working on open source bioreactors and/or any related hardware used in biotechnology to have open discussions on how to make and use affordable bioreactors.

@tienoriana started this group back in Mar-2023 via this GOSH Forum post (and posted also in the Reclone Forum here).
We subsequently set up the Open Bioreactor Community through GOSH - currently still in the works!

Many of our projects are built on volunteer efforts, so please be patient with us!
Just know that we are working behind the scenes to set up this group.

For now, we’ll be posting any updates on this SIG via the Open Bioreactor Community cateogry on GOSH, whilst we work out how to set-up cross posting from here. (So hopefully, you’ll be able to see and share posts from both here and GOSH.)

If you’d like to support @tienoriana with running this group, let either her and/or @YKH know, and we’ll get you onboarded!