Addgene seeks new Exec Director

Hi All

Great opportunity in a senior leadership role making biological materials available for open science - Addgene is now an essential resource for biologists the world over, help shape that from the inside!


More details:

Addgene, a thriving nonprofit dedicated to facilitating scientific discoveries by operating a plasmid and viral vector library for researchers, seeks an Executive Director to lead the organization as it expands its influence in the biological research ecosystem. Addgene is dedicated to open science, serving as a biorepository for high quality and high impact research materials and distributing these to six continents. Addgene receives plasmids from over 4,500 labs at no cost to the researcher and distributes these materials at a low cost to its customers. The operation is funded entirely by this fee structure, and Addgene consistently generates excess revenue to invest in new product lines, upgrading operations, or other mission-driven initiatives.