Bi-weekly reclone meeting starting this Wed (Feb 3) 4 pm GMT

Hi All,

Looks like next week Wed (Feb 3rd) 4 pm GMT would work best for all of us for our first meeting. There will be following meetings every two weeks, same time!

Calendar invite for meetings:

The meeting will be recorded and an update will be posted on the forum! But it would always be nice to have people participating in planning and discussions.

Thanks everyone for joining us! Here are the quick meeting notes from yesterday:
Reclone Meeting 3rd February

The Inaugural Reclone Meeting!
Attending: Aish, Jenny, Lisa, Fernan, Chiara, Stephane, Kayla

Kick off:

  • Introduction of meeting (why/when), intro of attending members, first of fortnightly calls

  • Potential Symposia planned for end of Feb: Allow discussion and update of projects

  • Creating user profiles for project updates, what tools we are using, facilitate discussion of tools and protocols

  • Project Updates from Users

  • What we need from Reclone:
    o Platforms to log tools, reagents, and experiments. Protocols on and discussion on forum.
    o How to collect data & information from people—survey stats (similar to google docs, intended for data distribution), what data to collect! (as a function of enzyme), testing enzyme yield & how to prioritize enzymes
    o 4-5 enzymes as a model for standards that we want people to use
    o System of incentives to get people to commit time (reward based community system), strategy to show how these enzymes/plasmids will be useful
    o Free genes—blue flame, easy access to materials and protocol (igen model)

  • Aim: market meeting more to get more attendees (target a few groups), potential of breakout rooms for further discussion, flash presentations in future meetings (few slides & results)


  • Open thread in forum regarding assembly protocols (Fernan & Chiara)

  • Chiara to share form of OEC reagents

  • Make a prioritized list of enzymes (Klenow, Bst-LF, MMLV-RT, OpenVent, Pfu and Phusion) for testing

  • Be explicit that collection can grow if people are willing to share
    o Topic on forum about how to design and share your DNA parts

  • How to feedback on parts/tools/reagents

  • How to distribute collection better (maybe not ship in glycerol)

We look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting on 17th February!

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