Global LAMP R&D, Methods, and Automation Working Group, 12PM EST Thursdays

Hi All

There is a global working group on LAMP assays (not coordinated by Reclone!), please sign up on this spreadsheet if you’re interested!

@Brook this looks relevant for your work? I notice @kmoore is already on the list so can maybe provide feedback on the usefulness of the meetings and any take-aways here!



Hello @Jenny – Yes of course I can summarize the output of the group. Chris Mason (Cornell) is the instigator and today is the first call. Apart from academics (mostly USA, some EU, few ROW), R&D staff from NEB [and a few other genomics companies] are included and they of course are the primary suppliers of LAMP reagents. Best, ~ Keith


@jenny_molloy Thanks, I just sign up in the excel sheet. Thanks. Looking forward to discuss with @kmoore on today’s session.