Help needed for Reclone Network Presentation at FABxLive on 25 Aug

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Prof. Neil Gershenfeld (Director of the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms) has been running a series of online events call FABxLive on projects responding to COVID-19 and has invited Reclone Network to present on 25 Aug for a five min slot (10:30-11:30 EDT).

This has grown to

a collaboration of ~200 influential people from govt/industry/medical/academic/NGOs researching rapid-prototyping responses to the pandemic. A number of projects have emerged from this pipeline, running from PPE to testing to respiratory assistance, and turning to supporting the recovery.

Who would be interested to help get a short presentation together highlighting work across the Recone Network and present at the meeting?


Hi Jenny, I’d be happy to help. As an aside I am an alumni (2016) of the Fab Foundation’s How to Grow Almost Anything program directed by George Church. A five minute presentation should be easy. Perhaps we can talk offline about what to include in the talk.
Cheers, Scott

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Hi Jenny – Is the conference call you mentioned (Aug 25 10:30 EDT) open to all or just to speakers? If the former, did I miss the dial in details?

Good question @kmoore - I don’t think the link is public and is open to the FAB network but then they post the video online publicly. I will DM you if you’d like to join live, I’m sure it is OK to have people from the initative join for moral support :slightly_smiling_face:

@osn_scott has kindly started a slide deck here and we welcome additions and suggestions!

If anyone would like 30 s to mention their specific work and add a slide, we can accommodate maybe 3 of those in the 5 min slot so please let us know!


Quick note of thanks to @osn_scott and @kmoore for contribution and moral support at the FABxLive meeting. Here are the slides we presented as a 5 min overview of Reclone.

The other topics that came up were very close to the focus topics from our symposium breakouts: how to take great technical solutions and enact them in the world which requires regulation, financing, quality assurance and many other things we don’t think about so much in the R&D space.

The video will be posted soon and we’ll link back here! Excitingly. the first talk was a fantastic presentation from @Andi on scalable, rapid and highly sensitive isothermal detection of SARS-CoV-2 for laboratory and home testing:

Which is now working with home-brew enzymes! Great work from the whole team. Also some really interesting comparative data on Bst-LF/Bst 2.0 and RTx/HIV-RT and other RTs.


Here is the video of the session:

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