Kick-off Meeting: Reclone Distributed Experiments - Thursday 19th November 16:00 GMT

Hi All

I’m Izzy from South Africa! I’m currently undertaking my MPhil in biotechnology at the University of Cambridge and ecstatic to engage with this incredible network. My role will be to provide support in planning and coordinating gathering data for the collection.

We have exciting news - the Research in Diagnostics DNA Collection is ready to ship!!
More coming soon on how to access that but we are now asking for your help to test the different enzyme expression cassettes and parts so we can verify that they work and also start recombining the collection in different ways.
We plan to publish all the data and protocols openly through Reclone and develop co-authored publications.
In order to get started, we need to plan how to conduct this distributed experiment, so we warmly invite you to a Reclone community meeting to discuss ideas and recruit labs who might participate.

Here is an example demonstrating the potential of distributed experiments for some inspiration: Coordinated Distributed Experiments (CDEs) Protocols

Please complete this doodle poll if you are keen to attend so we can select the best time: Brainstorm Meeting!

The meeting will be recorded and an update will be posted on the forum so don’t worry if you miss out! We will then be holding regular meetings for the community to update on progress and exchange tips and ideas.


Hi all, just a reminder to please complete the doodle poll if you are keen to get involved!

Hi all,

Thank you for participating, results are in and our kickoff meeting will take place Thursday 19th November 16:00 GMT.

Please use the details below to join our zoom meeting:

Kick-off meeting

Meeting ID: 821 4982 6733
Passcode: 939707

Looking forward to seeing you all then!

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Quick reminder to join us later today (Thu 19 Nov in GMT zone!) for a kick-off meeting to plan collaborative experiments with the Research in Diagnostics DNA Collection.

Dear all, thank you for those who participated in the kick-off meeting!

For those of you who were not able to attend, please do not worry as we have taken notes which will be circulated shortly.

Going forward we would like to allocate different working groups with specific goals in order to collectively achieve the mission of this distributive experiment.

Regardless of your attendance at the kick-off meeting, please feel free to fill in the form below describing the specific area you would prefer to volunteer in.

Working Group Preference Form

All the best,