Lamp covid master mixes

Hi everyone! I am wondering if any you you have developed LAMP-COVID master mixes . my problems is regarding consistency in the master mix. is there any additive to stabilish enzyme and primers integrity in long term storage . i am using calceine as a revelation strategy. any help is welcome cheers,
Here is the mix for 1100 reaction
|Nuclease-Free Water, for Molecular Biology|||1650 µL|
|10 X isothermal amplification buffer|||2750 µL|
|10 mM dNTP mix |||3850 µL|
|5 M Betaine Solution|||4400 µL|
|100 mM MgSO4|||1100 µL|
|CalceínE / MnCl2|||1100 µL|
|LF-BST|||1100 µL|
|RTX|||550 µL|