Local production of enzymes for RPA

Dear all,
We are organising a zoom meeting to discuss and troubleshoot any challenges encountered in the local production of enzymes for RPA. This follows a previous session held last year; you can find some information about that session here (RPA Questions & Discussion - #2 by Deborah).
If you are interested in joining this session, please participate in this poll to let us know your availability.

Hi All

We had a useful meeting of some of the groups working on RPA (I realise the final date chosen was not advertised here on the forum, sorry about that!). @daniel.guerra gave a concise summary of issues his team in Peru have been facing:

Summarizing for everybody about this problem: our in-house UvsX shows beautiful activity that we can quantify via a fluorescent-based assay using UvsX alone, but then we add in-house UvsY, it inhibits the reaction instead of stimulating it! Moreover, although our in-house UvsY fails to stimulate in-house UvsX activity, it succeeds in stimulating the commercial RPA reaction. Finally, putting all our proteins together, we did have one positive RPA reaction and amplification, but we are worried that this (single) positive result is highly dependent on the individual proteins’ activities, of which UvsY cannot be measured yet. We will continue running experiments titrating in-house UvsY on the whole RPA reaction, but we should at some point be able to quantify this protein’s activity on its own.

Here are the slides presented during the meeting.

All comments and suggestions are gratefully received!