OLS-8 Open Seeds Mentoring & Training Programme - Open for Applications!

The next cohort of Open Seeds OLS-8 is open for application!

Open Seeds is a Mentoring & Training Programme run by OLS, designed for people interested in applying open principles in their work and becoming Open Science ambassadors in their communities. The program is free but requires registration in OpenReview and an application with a project where you would like to apply open skills. More information: https://openlifesci.org/

The deadline to apply is on July 7th, with a decision made in August and the cohort starting in mid-September 2023. On the 28th of June OLS will run an open webinar “Application Clinic (Q&A)” where interested participants can ask the OLS team any questions about their applications to the program.

If you have not thought about a project and application, this can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the program and get inspired https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/application-clinic-call-qa-tickets-660976427287.

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More about Open Seeds

Purpose: Training for individuals and teams interested in furthering their Open Science skills in any area of research and community projects. Process: Online 16-week with online cohort calls and mentor-based individual support to help participants in integrating open science practices in their work and in the long term become Open Science ambassadors in their community.

Open leaders from Open Seeds OLS programme are

  • taught essential knowledge required to create, lead, and sustain an Open Science project. - connected with members across different communities, backgrounds, and identities by creating space in this program for them to share their experiences and expertise. - empowered to become effective Open Science ambassadors in their communities.

To learn more about the program and process of application, you can check the recording of the application launch call from the previous cohorts on the OLS YouTube channel: OLS-7 cohort launch application webinar - YouTube For additional details, feel free to reach out to the Open Life Science team at: team@openlifesci.org.

We are also on social media:

We look forward to welcoming you in the next cohort.

Best wishes,

OLS Team

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