Pan-African Competition – in low cost instruments and entrepreneurship for development

The 2020 Pan-African competition in low-cost technologies will serve to identify and develop next generation of young scientists, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Africa. It is open to all countries of Africa.

The organizers

UK: Stoyan Smoukov, Kaspar Althoefer, London, UK
Africa: African Spectral Imaging Network (AFSIN,, Ivory Coast


  • Design and fabricate a proof-of-concept low cost instruments using a microcontroller in these themes:
  1. COVID-19 or malaria-related innovation
  2. Robotics and/or automation in the fields of agricultural, energy, or medical use
  3. Entrepreneurship in upcycling of computer hard drives into centrifuges for field diagnostics
  • Develop technical and entrepreneurial innovation capacities of young scientists in African countries.

How to participe?

  • Write a 1-page outline describing your instrument to register. Full proposal including the steps already undertaken and steps necessary to finalize it (3 pages max, single space, min 11 pt font)
  • Proposals should be submitted in English with a (Google Translate) French translation, or vice versa
  • Medical equipment proposals should outline tests needed to certify, but not expected to be carried out
  • 1. Register your team info & intent to apply before 20th July 2021 at 2020 AFSIN Competion – African Spectral Imaging Network
  • Organizers will attempt to give feedback to initial proposals. Emails for questions: and
  • 2. Final Submission: Upload your full proposal to the website before midnight 31th July 2021.