Reclone coordination meeting minutes

Hi all,

On Wednesdays that are not Reclone community meetings, a coordination meeting powered by volunteers is held to plan for reclone meetings and other events / activities. I will be posting minutes from those meetings in this thread. Please email Deborah if you’ll like to be part of that.

We welcome all the help we can get!

General notes in May 2021

Plans for Reclone Symposium (July)


Prospective speakers:

Martha Fernandez - Head of Innovation at Find

Brief by “Doctors without Borders”

  • Info scientists need

  • How to advocate

  • Gain influence with local govt

  • Bridge gap between science and govt

Provide contact info of / link interested community members with people (scientists) who have had success connecting with govt

Talk from contact person at Gates foundation program in India

Talks from program officers of funding calls from govt in Columbia, Chile, Peru etc that Reclone members have successfully obtained.

  • Get insight into why govt put out those calls

Email past volunteers to revive team

Post message on forum to recruit more volunteers

Post notes from coordination meeting (a single running google sheet) to forum

Apply for dispensation towards Reclone website upgrade due to challenges in getting relevant quotes from developers contacted. Send CEB dept admin a note explaining reason for dispensation request and attach relevant email thread with developers.

In reclone meetings, encourage new members to speak up and introduce themselves

Expand Reclone publicity to other mailing lists with themes including

  • CEB

  • Synthetic Bio

  • Proteins

  • Molecular bio

  • Biochemi society

  • Diagnostics

  • Global Health

  • Tech Innovation (include members beyond biotech industry)

Email Reclone Community to source relevant mailing lists

Connect with prog managers and/ or social media personnel of the following:

Send blurb about Reclone with twitter banner asking people to the next event

02 June 2021

Attending Deborah, Jenny, Kathrin

Plans for community meeting in June:

  • June 9 - open community forum

  • General discussion about symposium (tentatively July 21)

  • Why advocacy

  • Impact of technology on peoples’ lives

  • Ease bottlenecks

  • Jenny to try and connect with Africa CDC

  • Start google doc with details of symposium plans

  • June 23 -

  • Speaker - Christian from

  • Q and A session about implementing LAMP in a medical context. Implications, Benefits and objections to consider as well.

  • Get community members to send in questions as much as possible in advance of talk to help his preparation too.

Other action points
Jenny to show how to install plugins for, YouTube feed on the website(?) something like this (youtube) and this (Twitter).

Set aside on community meeting in 2-3 month for a follow up RPA meeting

Give Kathrin access to Reclone twitter and Youtube channel