Seeking an Independent Observer for the 2024 GOSH Election (Deadline June 20th)

Hello Reclone Community!

The Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) Community is seeking an independent observer for this year’s GOSH Community Council election; find out more below!

Short story:

If you know someone who would be a good candidate for the Independent Observer position, please nominate them on this thread or by emailing The deadline for nominations is June 20th.

The election will take place between June 20th and August 9th, and we anticipate the observer will be active at least one hour a week during this period.

Long story:

There are two proposed administrative roles for the upcoming Community Council election: the Election Secretary and Independent Election Observer. We are moving forward with the GOSH Community Coordinator (myself) serving as the election secretary, and the GOSH Community Council will now accept nominations for an Independent Observer. You can read the following text from the 2024 Governance Plan for more information surrounding the nomination of the Independent Observer:

  • Independent Election Observer - The current Community Council, with community input, will identify an Independent Election Observer. The Independent Observer will have access to review all aspects of the elections, affirming and ensuring that defined processes are being followed and providing assurance that a fair and inclusive election takes place.

In particular, the responsibilities of the independent observer will be to:

  • Review and understand the GOSH election processes
  • Work with the Election Secretary to confirm that processes are followed
  • Review and confirm tabulated election results in collaboration with the Election Secretary,
  • Confirm winning candidates in collaboration with the Election Secretary
  • Confirm that reported election results match tabulated election results

Ideally, the Independent Observer should be someone from outside of the GOSH community. If you have an idea of someone who would be a good candidate for the Independent Observer position, please share the following with us:

  • Why this person would be a good Independent Observer.
  • Whether they are related or not to GOSH.
  • If this person is aware of your nomination.

Please nominate them either on this thread or by sending an email to

Deadline for nominations is June 20th.


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