World Health Assembly (WHA) resolution to strengthen diagnostic capacity

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Last week at the 76th annual World Health Assembly (WHA), governments endorsed the first resolution to strengthen diagnostic capacity and improve access to diagnostic services in countries.

Full Resolution (PDF):

This had some recommendations on local production in LMICs:

(7) to commit resources to invest in research and product development and to promote local production capacity for diagnostics, particularly in developing countries;
(8) to consider including provisions that facilitate access in funding agreements for research and development in diagnostics;
(9) to take policy measures for equitable and timely access for all to diagnostics technologies and products, in particular for the benefit of developing countries, including joint development and transfer of diagnostics technologies, on voluntary and mutually agreed terms;

(6) to continue to support Member States upon their request in promoting quality and sustainable local production of diagnostics, including, as appropriate, by facilitating research and development and technology transfer on voluntary and mutually agreed terms, and by coordinating with relevant international intergovernmental organizations and agencies to promote local production in a strategic and collaborative approach;

This could be useful to include in grant proposals and in your advocacy for more support for development and manufacturing of diagnostics in LMICs.


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