Availability Poll for Local Manufacturing of Enzymes Research & Diagnostics Symposium (week beginning 8 June)

Hi All

With synthesis of the Research in Diagnostics Collection underway, I would like to invite you to a 3 hour virtual symposium on Local Manufacturing of Enzymes for Research & Diagnostics in the week beginning 8 June.

Please respond to the doodle poll here by Tue 2 June and we will advertise a date.
Sorry in advance for anyone who has to get up early/stay up late, we’re spanning a lot of timezones.

This will be a collection of presentations and breakouts covering existing local manufacturing activities in the Reclone network, challenges to be addressed and specific discussions on:

  • What is possible with the Research in Diagnostics Collection? (and other shared reagents on the Reclone platform)
  • What experiments need to be run to trial the collection components and produce validated protocols?
  • What support do you need to explore moving from production of reagents for research to production of reagents for diagnostics?
  • How do we divide up the effort and who can contribute?
  • What papers, protocols and other research outputs we expect to arise and where to put them.

If you would be interested to present your work or you have attendees to suggest, email info@reclone.org. More information coming shortly once we have a date!