Bringing Open Source to the Global Lab Bench - recording of seminar by Julieta Arancio

Hi All

Open Bioeconomy Lab hosted Julieta Arancio in Cambridge recently and she gave a great seminar on “Bringing Open Source to the Global Lab Bench” - check it out!

Bringing Open Source to the Global Lab Bench - Dr Julieta Arancio

Recording from a talk at the University of Cambridge on 20 July 2022 by Dr Julieta Arancio from the Center for Science, Technology & Society, Drexel University / University of Bath.

Experimental science demands instruments that can be quickly adapted to ever-changing research scenarios. But what happens when you find yourself in front of a black box you cannot even learn about? Can we trust data without trusting its source? Could open science provide an alternative? In this talk I will present findings from my research with the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community. We will discuss the implications that closed-source instruments have for knowledge production, how they affect researchers worldwide differently, and what people are doing towards a different future for science.