**CALL FOR NEW TOPICS and SPEAKERS for Reclone Community meetings!**


We are looking for new topics we could discuss at Reclone Community meetings throughout September to December.

The Reagent Collaboration Network (https://reclone.org/) is a global community of scientists committed to solving the reagent supply chain issues faced by researchers across the world - particularly in Africa, Latin America and Asia - which have been exacerbated in the current COVID-19 pandemic. (Check out past topics here)

If you have any suggestion of a topic you think would be interesting for the Reclone Community members
If you know a speaker who could talk about the suggested topics below

please leave a comment here or let me know @ Barbara bic23@cam.ac.uk.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Reclone meeting in an APAC friendly timezone and showcase some of the excellent work happening in the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, India and many other places in terms of diagnostics innovations and access to reagents.

  • Accelerating local production of diagnostics via the C-CAMP Innovations Accelerator in India

  • Using automation to accelerate screening and optimisation of recombinant protein expression

  • Remote synthetic biology: teaching and training advanced skills when you can’t meet in person