Cancelled: Reclone Community Meeting Wednesday June 23rd : Q and A session, send you questions in advance!

Hi Everyone

Next Reclone meeting we will be hosting a Q and A session with Dr. Christian Brodowski of Hammer forum on the implementation of LAMP on the field in a medical context (see flyer below).

Kindly send your questions in advance by replying to this thread, to help Christian prepare adequately. Of course there will be room for more questions and conversations during the meeting.

Cheers and see you in a fortnight.

Fellow recloners,

I would be interested in the following aspects:

  • What are the medical implications of a PCR test result? What are the medical implications of a qPCR result?
    For Covid-19? For other diseases?
  • What are the quarantine options?
  • What would be your requirements for molecular diagnostics with RT-LAMP?
  • How much lab infrastructure would be possible in stationary deployments, mobile deployments?
  • RT-LAMP for enviorenmental screening?

Please feel welcome to to add your own interests or comments.

Best wishes

Thanks @kathrin-hadaschepila. Looking forward to harvesting more questions. Remember we meet next week.


Dear All,

Unfortunately our speaker for tonight, Dr. Brodowski, has an official hearing as a panel physician and is obligated by law to attend. We however will continue to explore a possible future date that he will be able to come and speak at our community meeting.

We have an exciting meeting and the symposium lined up in July; please anticipate that and expect more information to reach you soon.