Coronavirus Standards Working Group at JIMB

Hi All

The Joint Initiative for Metrology in Biology has set up a COVID-19 Diagnostic Standards Development Partnership. You can find out more here, subscribe to their mailing list and view meeting summaries and slides. I have reached out to see if there would be a useful partnership, as standards and reference materials seem critical to our efforts to share reagents and protocols.

Partners in this “Coronavirus Standards Working Group” include organizations building the testing technology, organizations making the standards and controls, professional societies that represent the scientists and testing labs, public health agencies, regulatory agencies, and international standards bodies.

This working group will develop an annotated inventory of resources, identify gaps, and conduct international collaborative experiments to evaluate and establish comparability of the diverse control materials and test methods available. The group will establish an open information repository of validation methods and data. As our knowledge evolves we will collaboratively produce the most-needed reference materials, reference samples, and reference measurement methods to underpin an enduring and reliable COVID testing enterprise.

Would anyone be interested in monitoring and participating in this effort and feeding back to the network?



Hi Jenny – This is great – thanks for sharing it. I’m very much interested in the output of this group but mindful that maybe someone else in the Network with ‘hard core’ molecular biology credentials would be better suited to input to the group & report back from it?
Best ~ Keith

@jenny_molloy this is great. Just subscribed to the mailing list to the Coronavirus standards working group. I hope EBTi will benefit from the resources here for its upcoming tasks of LAMP-OSD method development and test validation. I also urged colleagues in RT-PCR to subscribe here.