Local production of diagnostics in LMICs: Thu 8 July 2021, 14:00–16:30 CEST

Hi All

I’ve been involved in co-organising the event below on local production of diagnostics in LMICs and it would be fantastic to see members of the Reclone Community there!

Time: Thu 8 July 2021, 14:00–16:30 CEST
REGISTER HERE: https://finddx.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TLH8eKOTTCeD30p2Rt3Gxg




Hosted by WHO, UNDP and FIND

THURSDAY 8 JULY 2021, 14:00–16:30 CEST

COVID-19 has focused attention on the need to strengthen strategies to support research, development, manufacturing, supply and accessibility of diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). More must be done to ensure sustainable supply through LMIC-centred approaches, including local manufacturing and raw materials procurement – both to address the current pandemic and to build resiliency in prevention and response to future health threats.

You are invited to contribute to the ongoing development of comprehensive and practical measures to catalyse and sustain production of diagnostics in LMICs. Join us to hear feedback on progress and provide your input into next steps.

Opening remarks will be made by:

  • Dr Mariângela Batista Galvão Simão, World Health Organization
  • Dr Jenny Molloy, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Bill Rodriguez, FIND
  • Cecilia Oh, UNDP

REGISTER HERE: https://finddx.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_TLH8eKOTTCeD30p2Rt3Gxg