Low cost alternative to liquid nitrogen

hello everyone
i was looking for a low cost alternative to liquid nitrogen since it is hard to obtain it where i come from, and i came across this very simple method using dry ice and rubbing alcohol.
i haven’t tried it but i think it may work

you can use it to shock your stock bacteria before preservation
or for other liquid nitrogen applications in your lab

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and in case you don’t have dry ice, you can make it at home yourself using a towel and co2 fire distinguisher, like it is described here

It might come in handy freeze drying some reagents to store at RT. Of course one would need a pump.

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i used an expired co2 fire extinguisher and it gave good amount of dry ice.

While homes just the one type of freezer, industry uses many types that work in different ways, maybe one of these would be good for cooling your samples.

Yes indeed, methods of freezing are many but they all have in common the high cost, hence; other alternatives should be discovered.

So I am commenting on this with the assumption that you have at least an -86 freezer… One thing I do in my lab is to get a sturdy plastic box, fill it with isopropanol (70% should do the trick) and let it sit on -86 indefinitely. When I need something snap-frozen, I will just dip it in the isopropanol bath. I hope that also helps.