Reclone Community Meeting on September 13th at 13:00 UTC ✨

The next Reclone Community Meeting will be on Wednesday, 2023-09-13T13:00:00Z via Zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom

We will learn more about “Leishmania based cell free protein expression" with Kirill Alexandrov (CSIRO-QUT, Australia). Feel free to invite and share news to others in your networks who might be interested :star_struck:

You can also check our previous meetings at Events – Reagent Collaboration Network

See you all at the meeting!


Here is the complete abstract for the talk:

Leishmania based cell free protein expression

Cell-free protein expression systems hold the promise of transforming protein research via large reductions in the cost and time required to produce proteins from genetic templates. However, eukaryotic based cell-free systems are expensive and prokaryotic cell-free systems are inefficient in folding of complex proteins by the. Our group developed a cell-free protein expression system based on the eukaryotic unicellular organism Leishmania tarentolae. This organism is capable of eukaryotic protein folding, while being able to be grown in fermenters with ease comparable to prokaryotes such as E.coli. I will present our research program aimed at development of Leishmania cell-free system that can be transported at room temperature. I will showcase a range of applications of the system in protein engineering and biotechnology including mapping protein interactions in multi-subunit complexes, elucidating mechanisms of virus:host interactions and biomining for new anti-inflammatory factors.