Reclone Community Meeting Wed 14 May 13:00 UTC with Daniel Guerra Giraldez

The next Reclone Community Meeting will be on 2023-06-14T13:00:00Z,
where we have invited Daniel Guerra Giraldez, from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH) in Peru, to open discussions on:
"A New and Enhanced BL21(DE3) Strain: Goodbye to expensive IPTG, Advancing Orthogonality, and Enabling Expression Tunability – Your Insights Wanted!"

If you have a few minutes spare now, and are keen to help Daniel develop a better expression system of heterologous proteins in E. coli BL21(DE3) you can fill out his quick survey here:

Join the meeting via Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Feel free to invite and share news of this Reclone Community Meeting to others in your networks who might be interested :slight_smile:

See you all at the meeting!


A reminder that the monthly Reclone Community Meeting is 2023-06-14T13:00:00Z

Join the meeting via Zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

See you in ~3h time!

it was truly a beneficial opportunity to hear from dr. Daniel
i have a humble suggestion described in this research

and another one
i think would be helpful in relevance to this topic

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Thanks for sharing @joseph_shenekji!
@Daniel - hopefully this is another helpful suggestion!

Thanks again to everyone who joined us last week - we had some great discussions on tuning T7 RNA Polymerase expression in E. coli BL21(DE3), and explored the use of incorporating other inducible promoters, like relatively affordable and tunable CymR cumate system into the strain’s genome.
Look out for when Daniel is ready to share his strain and, remember, he promised that the first person to ask for it will also receive some cumate for free!

For those who missed the meeting or just want to watch it all over again, the recording can be found here: A New and Enhanced BL21(DE3) Strain - Daniel Guerra - YouTube

It’s still not too late to give Daniel more feedback - just fill out his short survey ( and/or by posting in this thread!

Sharing a comment that was made on the YouTube recording:

@taichi1231ful (Ahmed Atef): “it is what we are all looking for Daniel, I hope it works as intended, I wish I got a copy as soon as you finish it. but most of the reclone plasmids are based on pET plasmids so killing LacI would be a very good idea, maybe we can test lactose autoinduction with the plasmids that produce LacI with your new BL21.”

There have been some updates to the DNA collections, perhaps @fxbuson and @FernanFederici may be able to provide some info on the Reclone plasmids in the near future?