Reclone Community Meeting Wednesday April 14th : Evaluating LAMP assays for COVID diagnostics in Africa

Hi All,

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the fortnightly Reclone Meeting happening on Wednesday!

When: Wed 14 April @2 pm GMT (Note the change in time!)
Where: Zoom Link

There’ll be one presentations by:

Emanuele Buratti on evaluating LAMP assays for COVID diagnostics in Africa

Hi All,

We’re meeting on this zoom link

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to Dr. Buratti for sharing his work with us!

If you’d like to watch talk again and listen to conversations, here is the video recording and chat file.

I’ll follow up with Randall to receive the protocol he promised to share.

I’ve made a calendar invite which should hopefully make time conversion in different time zones easier. Please let me know if you didn’t receive it.



Also remember Randall promised to share some protocols which he has used to produce the magnetic beads and the silica layer. Here they are: