Reclone Community Meeting Wednesday April 28th : Manufacturing reagents in LMICs (Cameroon - Beneficial Bio, Brazil - ECRA Biotec)

Hi Everyone!

Super excited to learn about Stephane Fadanka (Beneficial Bio) and Robson Tramontina (Ecra Biotec)'s journey on manufacturing reagents in Cameroon and Brazil.

Join us (zoom) to find out

  • why they started manufacturing,
  • their achievements so far,
  • their challenges

and of course

  • how we, the Reclone community can support them


Hi Everyone,

We had a wonderful time out learning from Beneficial Bio and Ecra Biotech’s journey so far.

Remember you can relive the moment through the recording on YouTube. The chats also contain other questions and conversation starters which we are all welcome to continue here on the forum.