Reclone Meeting: Wed 17 Feb @ 4pm GMT: ViralALERT & purifying proteins with silica

Hi All

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the fortnightly Reclone Meeting happening on Wednesday!
Wed 17 Feb @ 4pm GMT
Zoom Link >>

There’ll be two presentations:

  • Ali Bektas will present ViralALERT, a LAMP assay now incorporating homebrew enzymes that is in the finals of the XPrize COVID Testing Challenge
  • Dushanth Seevaratnam will present on purifying LAMP enzymes by immobilisation to silica as part of AfriDx, a UK-Ghana-Denmark collaborative project.

Could you present on your work at an upcoming meeting or Symposium? Get in touch with @kk742cam-ac-uk or @avenkatrstanford-edu!

Videos and notes will be posted after the meeting for those who can’t make it!