Reclone symposium 2.0: Bench to Bedside: Developing Affordable Diagnostics

Reclone symposium 1.0 was the first of several symposia to be organized by the reclone network to engage its community of researchers, scientists and the global scientific community on various research developments within its network while connecting them to their work and that of other researchers and scientists globally. The first symposium under the theme “Local Manufacturing of Enzymes for Research and Diagnostics” saw various speakers present on key topics including patent-free collections of enzymes and how they can drive local enzyme biomanufacturing (Open Enzyme project) and many other presentations on Intellectual property and Quality Assurance, lightning talks and breakout sessions.

To continually engage the network and the global scientific community, the reclone network is organizing its second symposium titled “Bench to Bedside: Developing Affordable Diagnostics” which will feature talks on diagnostic devices, from research and development (R&D) to implementation and also breakout sessions with researchers from Africa, Latin America, Asia and beyond to continue discussions on quality assurance, device design and more.

When Wed 29 July 2020; 14:00 - 15:00 GMT
Register here to participate : Symposium – Reagent Collaboration Network

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