Research on reagent import/export flows and existing local manufacturing

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There does not seem to be a lot of compiled data around local manufacturing or import/export of reagents. With some talented students from the Reclone volunteer team, we have started to investigate:

  1. What are the import/export profiles for diagnostic reagents globally? Using the UN Comtrade database as a starting point to extract data for HS Code 3822 : Diagnostic or laboratory reagents on a backing and prepared diagnostic or laboratory reagents whether or not on a backing. This could be simple or complex - you can see examples of what people have done with similar datasets here:

  2. Where are diagnostic manufacturers situated and do they manufacture to ISO 18485 standards, which is the internationally recognised standard for medical devices inc in vitro diagnostics. We have started filling in a spreadsheet which is really basic right now.

If you are interested in this topic or know someone who is a whizz with data vis, supply chain research or global trade please point them in our direction. In depth conversation is happening at in the Manufacturing Research channel and we will update with summaries here as the project progresses.

Do you have another idea for a research project relevant to the Reclone network or an unanswered question? Post it to the forum and start a discussion!


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