Welcome to the Reclone.org Forum

Welcome to the Reclone.org community! We are scientists from across the world seeking to support each other in accessing reagents for research and diagnostics, through sharing and partnership. Our current focus is addressing the needs of scientists researching and diagnosing COVID-19.

Who is Reclone.org for?

Reclone.org and its associated research effort largely involve scientists directly involved in research and clinical testing through offering pragmatic support to overcome reagent supply chain challenges and promote local production of biotechnologies. However, this is a partnership and we warmly welcome those with social science, economics and policy backgrounds who offer valuable perspectives on this mission. We are also seeking people with experience in quality management and regulation in biotech or diagnostics as well as collaborating with higher-level policy efforts to accelerate equitable global access to health technologies.

What can I find here?

We host lists of available reagents shared by researchers and how to obtain them, alongside research protocols for enzyme production and molecular biology techniques with a focus on local manufacturing and sustainability. We have regional groups and also thematic working groups for those interested in IP, regulation and other topics. If you are working on relevant topics or need guidance in these areas, contact a moderator.

Where can I read more?

Explore the forum and also check out the Reclone.org website.