The Reclone Coordination Team and Reclone Champions

Reclone began in 2020 as a community of researchers from across the world, who were looking for ways to share, support, and collaborate with each other in accessing affordable reagents for research and innovations in diagnostics.

The majority of the activities that Reclone coordinated relied, and still relies, on volunteer efforts.
To this end, we have structured the Reclone organisation team as follows, in order to better support its community, members, and the projects/activities that it runs.

The Coordination/Strategy Team 2022/23:

  • Jenny Molloy - @jenny_molloy - Reclone Founder
    based in Cambridge, UK (BST/UTC+1) and Trieste, Italy (CEST/UTC+2)
  • Yan-Kay Ho - @YKH - Community Manager/Coordinator
    based in Cambridge, UK (BST/UTC+1)
  • Cibele Zolnier Sousa do Nascimento - @cibele - Community Coordinator
    based in Curitiba, Brazil (BRT/UTC-3)
  • Youzi Bi - @Youzi_737 - Community Coordinator
    based in London, UK (BST/UTC+1) and LA, USA (PDT/UTC-7)
  • Aaron Macauyag - @Aaron_Macauyag - Community Coordinator; Manila, the Philippines Hub Lead and Reclone/Policy Fellow
    based in Manila, the Philippines (PHST/UTC+8)

They are responsible for the following Operational Activities, which include:

  • strategising the Reclone roadmap, vision, and missions (global and regional);
  • applying for funding to ensure the sustainability of the Reclone Network;
  • updating and maintaining the Reclone Website and Forum;
  • generating communication and publicity material;
  • liaising with the Reclone Community members (e.g. individual meetings, Forum moderation);
  • onboarding and supporting Reclone Champions (which include Fellows, Special Interest Group [SIG] leads, Working Group [WG] leads, Ambassadors [tbd], and Volunteers [tbd]), and any potential collaborators (e.g. invited speakers, partners, etc.);
  • running Reclone events (e.g. monthly Community Meetings, (bi)annual Symposia, regional meetings/workshops);
  • defining and co-facilitating internal Working Group projects and external Special Interest Group activities.

The Reclone Coordination/Strategy Team is supported by, and supports, volunteers from the Reclone Community who have taken on Reclone Champion roles.
In the future, we hope also to have a Reclone Community Board who will help with governing decisions for Reclone’s future roadmap.

Become a Reclone Champion:

We currently have a number of Reclone Champions working on different projects:

I’m new to the Community and just want to be a member for now, what can I do?

First off: welcome - we’re glad that you can join us! :wave:

If you like what you see, have ideas you want to contribute to the community, and/or think we can do things better, just let the Coordination Team and/or @YKH know. Together, we can work on making these changes happen!