About the Open DNA Collections Wishlist [RCN C002] category

This category is for discussing updates to the Open DNA Collections. Help needed, everyone welcome!

As of Spring 2023, Reclone became the steward of the Open DNA Collections, which includes: the Open Enzyme Collection, the Open Reporter Collection, the Research in Diagnostics Collection (aka. the Molecular Diagnostics Toolkit), the Engineered RT-LAMP Enzymes, the E. coli Protein Expression Toolkit, and the Open Yeast Collection.

In Mar-2023, the Open Bioeconomy Lab received £20,000 to make updates to the Open DNA Collections.
We put out a call to the Reclone Community to see what other open enzymes or DNA parts that would be useful to improve these community-own reagents. This wishlist can be found here.

We are currently (Aug-2023) going through this list and prioritising which parts are off-patent/patent-less that can be shortlisted for synthesis.
Parts that have not been selected this round will be put on a backlog for synthesis in the future (funding-permitting)!

If you’d like to contribute to this project (including selecting parts, making parts open and compatible to be used in different assembly methods, etc.) - please let @YKH know!

Current volunteers working on this project include: @jenny_molloy, @osn_scott, @YKH.