📝 Reclone Forum Updates - Issues Reporting

Please be aware that on 2023-10-03T14:00:00Z we’ll be implementing some updates to the Reclone Forum and migrating it to another hosting platform - the Forum will be in read-only mode for a short time!

As mentioned in About the Reclone Website & Forum Updates [WG 003] category, we’re making some changes to the Reclone Forum.
During this update period, the Forum will be in a read-only state for approximately 15 minutes (at most up to an hour), but you should be able to access it and post again after this time.

What should you do if you experience any issues?

  • Should you encounter any issues after this update, please report them here in this topic, starting with “[Issue]” and with as much detail/links/screenshots/etc. as possible.
    e.g. [Issue] I can no longer post to the Community Projects - Reclone.org category or topics within it.

  • If you have any questions with the new changes after the updates, do let us know by posting here also, starting with “[Question]”.
    e.g. [Question] How do I access my direct messages (DMs) now? I have a question about registering for the upcoming Reclone Symposium (Reclone Symposium 6.0 - Building Scientific Communities through Open Science Research - #3 by YKH) but I want to talk to one of the Coordinators directly first.

  • We welcome suggestions for how to improve the content and/or structure of the Forum (or Website), please start your post with “[Suggestion]”.
    e.g. [Suggestion] You’ve listed the Reclone Coordinators in this topic here (The Reclone Coordination Team and Reclone Champions) but not introduced the Reclone Champions, it’ll be nice to see who these people are and what they’re working on.
    (-> FYI, we are working on this!)

We will try to resolve issues, answer questions, and discuss suggestions as soon as possible.

We also welcome any volunteers who would like to help with moderating any issues raised here and/or with implementing additional updates to the Reclone Forum and Website - if so please prepended a post here with [Champion] and/or message @YKH directly.

Thanks for your patience as we undergo this transition and these updates! :slight_smile: