The Makerere iGEM 2023 team (Uganda) would like help with developing a pyrene and phenanthrene biosensor

@shakirah is reaching out on behalf of our team MAKERERE_iGEM 2023 (Uganda) through to RECLONE to explore the possibility of collaborating regarding a pivotal component of their project for the upcoming iGEM competition.

They are in the midst of their lab work and have identified a need for expert assistance in the cloning of specific genes into a plasmid, followed by transformation into E.coli cells and optimization of their expression.
They were eager to inquire whether anyone within the Reclone Community would be open to assisting them in this venture.

Project Overview:

  • Objective: Develop a biosensor to detect pyrene and phenanthrene in water.
  • Genes of Interest: To be shipped to your lab
  • Desired Outcome: Successful cloning, transformation, and optimized expression of the genes for the purposes of detection of pyrene and phenanthrene.

They deeply value the potential collaboration and are committed to ensuring that those who are able to help them will receive the appropriate acknowledgment for their contribution during the iGEM competition. Furthermore, this partnership could also open doors to further research collaborations and strengthen the bond between RECLONE and their institution.
The iGEM competition is a significant platform, and with the help of the Reclone, they believe their project can make a meaningful impact.

Warm regards,


Shakirah Namuli
Makerere University
Department of Plant Science, Microbiology and Biotechnology

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@shakirah - I believe @samoh and @e.v.rosca are entering an iGEM team from Ashesi University this year - perhaps they may be able to give some advice?

Thanks indeed @YKH, looking forward to!

Aren’t the students supposed to do their own cloning as part of the competition? Are they asking to form a joint team with another institution or just have someone else do the work for them? I’m a bit confused by the ask…

Hello, We have been looking out for teams as well as labs who could be has with the plasmid design as we little expertise in that then maybe we could also help them do some other stuff that we could agree on. A sort of collaboration or partnership.

Dear Shakira,

I am working with the Ashesi iGEM team and I would more than happy to provide advise but unfortunately we do not have the personnel to do the cloning working. Sorry but please feel free to reach out if you would like discuss this in more detail.

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thank you so much indeed. Prince reached out via slack. Perphap we could a meeting with your team to discuss further?
We would be happy to collaborate with your team.