Help Needed - Host for Reclone Community Meeting on 8th Nov 2023

Hi All,

The Ask: We need help in hosting the next monthly Reclone Community Meeting on 8th Nov 2023 - is there anyone interested in being a Guest Host?
Unfortunately, @cibele, @jenny_molloy, and I are all away in early Nov and cannot host this next call, which is a shame as we would love to chat with you more following what we thought was a pretty successful Reclone Symposium 6.0 - Building Scientific Communities through Open Science Research - #6 by cibele from last week.
(More following about this later, so do watch that space!)

Back to our Ask
A host’s tasks: starting the Zoom room (we will set this up for you beforehand), welcoming the attendees, introducing guest speaker, recording the event, wrapping up with Q&As, and opening the floor to any updates from the community members.
Time requirement: 90min in total; up to 30min prep in advance with @cibele and me at a time that is convenient for you, 1h to hold the Community Meeting.
The benefits: a chance to try out being an event host in a safe and welcoming space (for those who haven’t had much opportunity to do this before), gaining the role of Reclone Volunteer (and the taste of becoming a potential Reclone Champion), and our heartfelt gratitude for helping us maintain this core community activity.

Potential Times for the Meeting We would like to be consistent and keep the meeting as the second Wednesday of the month, and we could keep the time as usual at 2023-11-08T14:00:00Z.
But if it would be better for you as the guest host, the guest speaker, and the attendees, we could trial changing the meeting times a little, and have our monthly Community Meetings sometime between 11:00-15:00 UTC - we’re open to discussion on this!

Please post here if you would like to guest host our next Community Meeting on Wed 8th Nov.
If you prefer, you can directly message us at to discuss this further!

Many thanks!

In general I’m happy to help with hosting when needed and also have premium zoom account, but on the 8th of November I can’t make it either, unfortunately.
Best wishes,

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Hi @MakerTobey and welcome to the Reclone Community! :slight_smile:
Thank you for your kind offer to help - we’ll definitely make sure to keep you in mind for future hosting (or speaking?) opportunities!

No worries about not being available on the 8th Nov - hopefully there are more folks around who may be able to help for this upcoming Community Meeting.

By the way, if you would like, please do post onto this topic for Introducing yourself and the work you do. It’s been nice to see a few new folks join the community since the symposium!

i can help if you like, i’ll empty my schedule for 8/11/2023
just guide me how to do it and i’ll try my best.

Hi Joseph,
Thank you very much for your offer to help! No need to empty your schedule! And my apologies for not replying to your offer sooner.
Unfortunately, we’ve had a few other issues crop up in the meantime, and now Cibele and I don’t quite have enough time to make all the necessary preparations for the November Community Meeting, even though we now have you as a host!
Would it be possible to keep you in mind as a future host, if necessary?
Many thanks again,
Yan Kay

alas, i was waiting for the reclone meeting
yes count me in, i would be delighted to be helping in hosting