Reclone Symposium 6.0 - Building Scientific Communities through Open Science Research

As announced during our Community Meeting last week, we are back with the Reclone Symposia! Join us on 2023-10-11T13:00:00Z2023-10-11T17:30:00Z for our Reclone Symposium 6.0:

**Building Scientific Communities through Open Science Research: Education, Communication, and Collaboration

Stay tuned here for updates! For now, you can re-watch our previous Reclone Symposia here.


For those of you who have been waiting on bated breath to hear more about the Symposium (and for those who haven’t, but are passingly interested) … :drum: :drum: :drum:

What/who is the Symposium for?

  • It is virtual gathering for researchers, scientific communities, and any interested parties from all around the world, to discuss community building and open science research.
  • Hopefully, it’ll be a good chance for new and existing members of the Reclone community, and folks from related communities, to get to know each other and find common ground for potential future collaborations.
  • We hope also to have discussions on how to engage with, and get the most out of, your (STEM) communities, as well as intros into open wetware, hardware, software, and applied biotechnological ventures.

How to join us?

  • Date/Time: Wed 11 Oct 2023 at 13:00-17:30 UTC (2023-10-11T13:00:00Z2023-10-11T17:30:00Z)
  • Location: Virtual - Zoom (register for the link) - Access external meeting - Zoom
  • Any other platform: Miro may also be used, link TBA.

What to expect?

If you have any questions, either refer/post into this forum topic here (Reclone Symposium 6.0 - Building Scientific Communities through Open Science Research), or message the Reclone Symposium Steering Committee directly via

We’re looking forward to meeting you all! :confetti_ball:

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Don’t forget to register for the upcoming Reclone Symposium!

This is our first Symposium since restarting Reclone at the end of 2022, so we wanted to use this as an opportunity for the community to get to know one another better, give you a preview of what’s up-and-coming for Reclone, and for us to try find more ways to build and grow our community together! :heart:

:arrow_right: REGISTER TODAY AT: Access external meeting - Zoom